The project “Development of the research potential of University of Sofia in the field of e-learning” BG051PO001-3.3.04/52 is funded by the Operational Programme for Human Resource Development of the European Social Fund, 2007 -2013.
The term e-learning is regarded in its broad sense for the purposes of the project. It could be defined as: “learning supported by information and communication technologies”.
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” is the contractor and the funding to be received is BGN 591,032.20. The Project started on 01.09.2009 and its duration is 24 months.
The Project aims at integration, sustainability and further development of the research potential and capacity of Sofia University through its lecturers, young scientists, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, and specializing professionals in the field of research on effective use of information and communication technologies in European context. Furthermore the Project objectives are to achieve European level of expertise in this field by establishing a Doctoral Programme (Doctoral School) and a programme for specialization and vocational training in the field of e-learning. The development of the research and scientific potential will be proven by publishing project beneficiaries’ materials in established scientific journals and by beneficiaries’ participation in international forums, projects and programmes.
The Doctoral Programme provides an opportunity for organization and delivery of training and qualifications for young people working in the field of sciences. The trainings are carried out by renowned specialists including guest lecturers from other countries, experts in e-learning in diverse educational contexts. The Programme objective is to develop standards for quality training at Doctoral level. As a long-term effect, it promotes a cascade principle of training of specialists who to be prepared to conduct research in the field of e-learning.
The young scientists, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral students, and specializing professionals are given the opportunity to publish in specialized national and international journals. They are also constantly supported by having their materials reviewed and published in an electronic journal. The direct beneficiaries of the Project will be given the opportunity to study and work in other European countries which will guarantee the development of their potential in an international environment. Through their participation in national and international conferences they are given the chance for competitive development with regards to the world’s highest achievements, as well as exchange of expertise with established experts in the field of research of e-learning at national and international level.
The above stated complies with the objectives of the Operational Programme for Human Resource Development, namely ensuring conditions for increasing young people’s motivation for solving scientific problems and development of the research potential regarding innovations in higher institutions to be established via presenting opportunities for additional qualification.

ePhD Doctoral School