Research on the status of the e-learning in Bulgaria and raising the awareness on the relations between the learning results, ICT and the learning context. Development of a theoretical meta frame for quality e-learning, applicable to different learning contexts.

Methods of research:

20 case studies of typical e-learning practices and ICT integration in different educational contexts. Observations and semi-structured interviews with participants in each context.
The research team consists of specialists with different expertise and fields, which will allow for conducting such a research. The latter will highlight the invariant features of the effective integration of ICT in different educational contexts: at the level of both secondary and university education. The aim is to identify the typical approaches for integration of ICT, to what extent they enhance and stimulate the learning from the point of view of the learners and the teachers, the good and the bad sides of these practices.

Envisioned results: Defining of the invariants of “effective ICT enhanced learning” will facilitate the development of a “meta frame of quality e-learning, applicable to different learning contexts”.
The research will lead to defining the main problematic areas in the field of e-learning.