Project “Integral University Center for Research, Design and Delivery of Quality e-Learning in Diverse Contexts” (2009-2011) project number: INZ01/0111 is funded by the National Science Fund.
Key objective of the project is: Development of e-learning research and educational capacity of Sofia University.

Research goals and activities:

1. Investigation on the educational and research potential of the academic staff of Sofia University and development of a matrix of the expertise and activities related to all aspects of e-learning.

Objective: Design of a matrix of the e-learning capacity of Sofia University – staff expertise, educational and research activities regarding the e-learning theory and practice.

2. Research on the status of the e-learning in Bulgaria and raising the awareness on the relations between the learning results, ICT and the learning context. Development of a theoretical meta frame for quality e-learning, applicable to different learning contexts.

Objective: Defining of the invariants of “effective ICT enhanced learning” that will facilitate the development of a “meta frame of quality e-learning, applicable to different learning contexts” .

3.Identification, definition and systematization of groups of educational needs of educational professionals, responsible for the design of ICT-enhanced educational contexts – university lecturers, teachers, headmasters, inspectors, trainers, etc.

Objective: The analysis of the data will lead to systematization of the typical educational needs of the main groups of professionals involved in the educational process who implement ICT and deliver e-learning.

Educational objectives and activities:

Design and delivery of educational programs based on the research results and the needs identified for support of:

   > Master’s studies
   > PhD students
   > Post-graduates
   > Specialists who work in the field of e-learning

1. Master’s program “ICT in education” for:

   > freshly graduates Bachelors
   > working professionals in all spheres of education

   Programs: full time program and blended learning


   > introduction of students to conceptual, pedagogical, technical, technological and socio-      cultural aspect of the integrating ICT in different educational contexts.
   > formation of professional knowledge, skills and competences (including using concrete       technology).
   > encouragement of students to develop and maintain autonomous and reflective approach       towards applying ICT in education, to be aware of the existing good practices and to       creatively apply them in their own practice;
   > collaboration of students with similar professional interests worldwide;
   > stimulation of student interest and motivation towards further personal and professional       development.

2. Establishment of a Doctoral School for pedagogical research in the field of e-learning


   > To gather together PhD students and academic staff with similar research field and create the       opportunity for multi- and interdisciplinary research approaches;
   > To offer high quality modular PhD and post-doctoral studies program in the field of       methodology of pedagogical research focused on e-learning specifics;
   > To create an opportunity for PhD students investigating different aspect of one phenomenon       to collaborate and exchange expertise, with more experienced researchers inclusive;
   > To create research culture and a sense of belonging to the research community through       participation in seminars, discussions, conferences, etc.
   > създаване на изследователска култура и чувство на принадлежност към       изследователската общност чрез организация и участие в семинари, дискусии,       конференции, публикации и пр.
   > To provide interdisciplinary support and consultancy for PhD students with different research       and professional experience with similar research focus.