Master’s program “ICT in education”
(full-time and blended-learning programs)

The objective:

The objective of the Master’s program is to educate specialists in interdisciplinary fields, covering all aspects of e-learning, both general such as pedagogical, socio-cultural, psychological, technical, technological, and specific related to the specific educational context. The latter are level of education, subject, target learner groups, etc.


> freshly graduates Bachelors
> working professionals in all spheres of education

The program:

The program addresses the key area of smooth transition from concrete Bachelor’s Degree programs (e.g. in pedagogy, IT, psychology, etc.) - through interdisciplinary knowledge and approach towards the e-learning phenomenon (Master’s program “ICT in education”) – reaching further towards the specific research in the field of e-learning (the Doctoral school).

The Master’s program “ICT in education” educational approach:

> forming of general theory and methodology knowledge related to invention, introduction, and    development of e-learning
> development of specific knowledge and competences related to the specific educational    context of the professional realization of the learners
> Introduction of research knowledge and competences for professional development based on    own research
Due to its interdisciplinary nature, this program is designed and delivered by a university program based on close cooperation of specialists of all faculties.