The Project: Transfer of good practices in enhancing the capacity for online tutoring

The aim of the TOIL project is to support SNSPA Bucharest and Sofia University, through the transferring and adapting the PREEL model, developed by the Institute of Education, University of London. The main objective is to provide an overview for the staff of SNSPA Bucharest and Sofia University, who are interested in integrating e-learning into their vocational education courses. It aims to redesign courses to embed technology to improve quality of their teaching and learning activities.Currently there is an increasing demand on Education Institutions throughout Europe to use e-learning in their teaching and learning practice in vocational education, based on the perceived potential benefits that the use of technology can bring to teaching and learning vocational education.
Transfer of the PREEL project results to the different cultural and social contexts of Romania and Bulgaria: Leonardo ToI project has tried to map the possibility of modelling learning and e-learning in more systematic terms. This work has the greatest potential for use by staff who already have some experience in e-learning, and are in a position to use the tools for effective learning design, whereas the goal is to present templates for staff with little or no previous experience in the use of technology, or e-learning.

Specific objectives:

1. In-depth training needs analysis in both Romania and Bulgaria focused on e-learning higher education teachers/tutors and teacher trainers which to reveal the skills, competences and approaches that are missing in their training and could enhance their performance and overall quality of e-learning programmes;
2. Mapping of existing tutor training programmes in Romania and Bulgaria in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as potential for improvement;
3. Adapting the PREEL teacher training model to specific requirements and needs identified in Romanian and Bulgarian contexts;
4. Transferring the PREEL adapted model and piloting it in Romanian and Bulgarian teacher training courses through case studies;
5. Thorough evaluation of the piloting exercise, reflection and further refinement of the innovative model to refine and adjust the model for offering better solutions; refinement of the innovative model and its dissemination in order to become embedded in existing teacher/tutor training offer and practice and recognised by relevant national bodies;
6. Roll-out of PREEL model to teachers/tutors in Romania and Bulgaria other than the initial pilot team and appraisal of results.


SNSPA Bucharest, Romania
Sofia University, Bulgaria