PhD Program - Doctoral School for pedagogical research in the field of e-learning

The PhD Studies program incorporates:

> standards regarding knowledge, skills and expertise the PhD students have to acquire during    their study at the Doctoral School, e.g. “Skills training requirements for research students” ,    designed in UK: research skills and methods; context; efficiency; communicative skills, etc.
> key subjects giving the range and basis of the methods and methodology of pedagogical    research: “Conceptualization and design of pedagogical research”, “Data gathering and    analysis”, “Qualitative methods of research”, “Quantitative methods of research”, etc.
> specialized courses related to a concrete research
> modules formatting academic skills – Writing Papers for Conferences; presentation skills;    Bibliography Writing, etc
> system for support and control of the PhD students’ development
> post-doctoral education of PhD students at Doctoral school in Institute of Education – London    University
> participation of PhD students and other members of the staff in national and international    conferences
> organization of seminars, round tables, and conferences in the Center
> scientific magazine with papers, written and peer-reviewed by PhD students and other    members of the team
> admission of new PhD students - paid by the state and self-paid

ePhD Doctoral School